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$5,000 worth

It's been said that you can get $5,000 worth of dog training lessons for around $100 (actual price $59.99) with Rick Stawski's three-part Fowl Dawgs series of videos. Fowl Dawgs 1 covers all the essentials for teaching any breed of retriever the fundamentals from socialization and basic obedience to collar conditioning and quartering for upland game. Fowl Dawgs 2 shows how to force a retriever to a pile of dummies, do a mini-T and double-T and train a regular and remote swim-by. And Fowl Dawgs 3 concentrates on all the transition blinds and drills to develop a finished hunt test and field trial winner.

Jerry Thoms

Gun Dog Magazine

A way with dogs

Thank you very much for this past weekend. The seminar was better than I had anticipated.

Rick, you definitely have a way with dogs and have the ability to relay that knowledge to others. It was good meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again this fall. 

Troy Bailey
Avery Outdoors Pro-Staff

Zink Calls Pro-Staff

Minneapolis, MN

Corrective handling

My hat is off to you [Rick] for your ability to read people as well as you do dogs and change  the slightest mannerism of the handler to change a bad habit in the dog. The short time period of correction for all of us with the great results is the biggest reward. You have definitely given us a great place to get back on track and continue in the right direction.

Burt Fosse

Shoreview, MN

A 'real training' DVD

Finally there is a DVD out there that shows 'real training' and what should be done while doing Basics. I love the idea of 'ear pinching' a golden female and showing her avoidance tendencies and how to progress her through with your 'calm, cool and collected' attitude!

Mark Madore

Professionals Retriever Trainer

McKenna, WA

Great seminar

I too had a great time, learned a ton and met a great group of trainers and their dogs. Thanks to Rick and Shawn for putting together a great seminar and a solid group of dogs and handlers. I've been to a couple other seminars and this was by far the most educational one I've been to. The format was great, I wouldn't change a thing.

Travis J. Lund

Foley, MN

Fowl Dawg

I recently purchased 'Fowl Dawgs 1' and watched it, then implemented it and got instant results! I am so pleased, it was easy to follow and understand, not complicated! Because of the video and the success I have had I am extremely excited now about training my dog for water fowling! Now I do not miss a training session! Stitch, my female black lab, is surely a 'Fowl Dawg' now!

Many thanks!

Shane Rossen

Buck Gardner Pro-Staff

Avery Pro-Staff

Passed double-stake AKC HT

I attended the seminar you [Rick] put on at your place last June, which has helped me tremendously in reading my dog and other dogs, and also gave me different approaches to resolve all kinds of situations. And also by following your training DVDs, I reached something this past weekend that last year at this time I never would have thought would have happened. I entered a double stake AKC HT at Kelly Farms and passed both days!! Now I just need to pick up 'Fowl Dawgs 3' and continue with the training. Again, a big thanks for helping someone like me, who has never trained a dog before,  get the results I had always hoped for!

Justin Aaron

Hastings, MN

Progress in no time

I was amazed that in such a short time I could see so much progress. He truly cared about making Buck become the best dog he could.


Minneapolis, MN